Andrew McGee Racing Driver Two Teas Team

Scotty here, during a wander around the Paddock at Brands Hatch recently (April 28-29), during the Lackford Engineering Midget & Sprite Challenge I had the pleasure of meeting the very friendly Andrew McGee of Two Teas Racing Team

Explaining our mission to teach children practical skills he instantly became supportive. I humbly explained the vision that maybe one day Scotty’s Retro Workshop might be able to enter a Spridget with an under 16’s pit team / driver. He was so supportive of the idea of children learning practical skills that he offered himself as point of contact should we have any questions that he might be able to answer or sign post us to someone who can. Alas I think we are a way off being at that stage.

I explained that we have built the school and financed the cost by selling secondhand Spridget spares to the Spridget Community but have now become a formal Social Enterprise selling new parts where all profits must legally go back into the school.

He was happy to listen and and offered ideas too..

Well that just about sums up the people in the Spridget World, every single driver / team member I spoke to that day was supportive of our plans. In a subsequent communication on Facebook Andrew kindly gave me permission to identify him in name as someone who supports our objective of trying to establish workshops to teach children practical skills enabled by the Classic Car Community we all live in.

For a thoroughly enjoyable day and the ability to get closer to the teams than you might expect follow the Lackford Engineering Sponsored MG Midget & Sprite Challenge.

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To learn more about Robin Lackford Engineering and their wonderful work go through this door.

The Midget & Sprite Challenge Racing was just part of the MG Car Club Brands Hatch Day . You can read their Report on all the events of the day by clicking here.