Classic Lotus Parts

Scotty here, today I had the opportunity to correspond with Steve Nash having identified that he was following our great cause on Facebook.

Steve who works for Classic Team Lotus gave us his personal endorsement, obviously he cannot speak on behalf of Classic Team Lotus, but he too believes children need the opportunity to learn Practical Skills again.

The picture above, which we found on the internet (Credit SELOC Lotus Enthusiasts visit them here ) shows their workshop environment. Clearly a home of true artisan skills enabling excellence.

This is what we are about. Artisans who work with their hands providing opportunities for practical skills to pass down to the next generation.

The opportunity to learn basic practical skills has almost disappeared entirely from curriculum.  Scotty’s Retro Workshop has set out to change this in our local community and hopefully with enough success we will bring this social value intuitive to other towns and villages.

Don’t forget support the cause & follow Scotty’s Retro Workshop on Facebook to keep up to speed with my Social Enterprise, a School teaching Practical Skills4kids made possible by Classic Car Enthusiasts and Suppliers.

But #DontTellDoris … she thinks I’ve got a proper job 🙂