Professor Tony Stevens former ROOTES Chief Engine Design Director

Scotty here, well you never know who is going to rock up at Scotty’s Retro Workshop or who might call via the land wire. Today it was Professor Tony Stevens. Once Rootes Chief Engine Designer, a man who can claim design input to over 100 British Cars !

What does he want were my first thoughts. I was trying to work out why a Midget wouldn’t start after a wiring loom replacement.

TOP TIP… the two wires that appear to be spare on replacement wiring looms are actually the ballast resistor and not suitable for driving front spot lights.

Seriously though, Tony is a good friend , we both live in a Town just 3 miles from the first ever office of Rootes. Tony had heard of my #PracticalSkills4Kids mission and rang to offer support and some equipment for our workshop. What a gentleman, I felt guilty now.

So we went up to his secret creative workshop to take a look. He proudly showed me the TS Cipher, the car pictured above, some say it was visited by overseas speculators, the concept taken home and resulted in the Mazda MX 5, I think that sounds correct.

I’m just putting my sheepskin coat on now in order to tell you that whilst there I also got to see some amazing electric prototype cars, so if there are any well-healed investors out there looking to buy a complete ‘design and build team’ I can give you an ‘in’ before the £1m ebay listing goes live !.

I could tell you many an amazing story about Tony and I will in time.

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But #DontTellDoris … she thinks I’ve got a proper job 🙂