A School Teaching Young People Practical Skills Simply Unbelievable ?

Scotty’s Retro Workshop

Scotty’s Retro Workshop is a school teaching Practical Skills to Children, such as basic car mechanics. Financed by one man with a dream of opening a school supported by Classic Car Fans yet enabled by Suppliers…

Now there is no money in running kids clubs, so how is that going to work?

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a little out of date now as I no longer sell classic car parts but seek to promote others who do. However it gives you an idea of the journey I have been on.

Initially Scotty funded the construction of the school and the purchase of the equipment & cars by working hard at his hobby, this enabled him to sell secondhand car parts on eBay whilst working weekends and nights building the school with his own hands. He had a day job too!! Now that’s determination.

Actually, determination is the name of the Crow that travels around with him on his 65 Sprite… not normal? …getting the picture?

As he began to make progress he decided to float his idea in a local Facebook Forum

Overwhelming Demand

Scotty was suddenly faced with an overwhelming demand from local Parents… in just 2 weeks 150 Parents had contacted him, wanting to book their children in and his followers on Facebook rocketed from 4 to nearly 300 in just a few days. Knowing he couldn’t finance this out of his humble eBay shop, he needed a plan and quick. This success and demand led to much anxiety for him.

Classic Car Enthusiasts

He consulted and shared his dilemma with his eBay customers and fellow fanatics in various Classic Car Clubs. He went to Brands and handed out leaflets to explain his dilemma. Many a sleepless night occurred. Everyone was very supportive and willing to buy his second-hand parts. However, with just one set of hands stripping down cars and listing/selling parts, he was not going to reach the volume he needed to give deprived children a chance. Slowly his fan base grew with sympathetic Classic Car Enthusiasts who were willing to buy parts from him.

He Needed New Parts

Now Scotty is a somewhat eclectic adventurer yet still an ordinary bloke unable to obtain credit for such an eclectic dream so getting credit to buy new parts and sell them was not an option. More sleepless nights and then at midnight one night he had an idea which was going to lead to viability. He needed a supplier who was willing to provide him with the opportunity to sell their products to his fan base and any slight profit made would trickle down into his Social Enterprise and give it long-term viability.

Enter Moss

In the middle of the night, Scotty got up and pondered his best approach. Time was running out. He needed a major player on board and quick. He decided to contact MOSS the suppliers of the most compressive parts service to the British Car Industry throughout the World. In his normal humble way he sent them a Facebook Message asking for their help. Unbelievably they were on it like a rash. They could see the Social Value in his dream and wanted it to fly. Within 48 hours they had informed him by email that Scotty’s Retro Workshop could have a discounted trade account. Negotiations are ongoing.


Scotty is now working hard to find more suppliers and to raise the funds needed to open the online shop that enables him to pass these great deals on to his fellow Classic Car Fanatics and obtain that tiny margin he needs to keep his school alive.

  • Can you Help him?
  • Do you have some ‘automobilia’ or parts he could sell?
  • Do you have a Classic Car Product he can market for you ?
  • Can your company make a donation towards the new shop website?
  • Are you a classic car fan who can follow his page and eventually benefit by buying parts?