It’s OFFICIAL . We are now the Worlds’ 1st Certified Social Enterprise in the Classic Car Industry

We Are The Worlds’ First Classic Car Industry

Social Enterprise Initiative – Be a part of it. 

Enabled by Classic Car Fans, Suppliers & Artisans working together.

Our OBJECTIVE is to Teach Children Practical Skills for FREE in a Workshop Financed by this Initiative. 

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a little out of date now as I no longer sell classic car parts but seek to promote others who do. However it gives you an idea of the journey I have been on.

SUPPLIERS can SELL their Classic Car Products on our website in support of a great cause.

ENTHUSIASTS can BUY products here knowing it helps a good cause.

ARTISANS can ADVERTISE their skills & services FREE because we are a Classic Car Community.

In time this site should become a useful tool for Classic Car Fans whilst supporting a fantastic initiative to help children learn practical skills.

Here is a list of what this NEW ENTERPRISE brings to the Classic Car World whilst helping a good cause.

A place where New Product Suppliers can sell direct to the Classic Car Community cheaper than Ebay.

A place where Shoppers can find a vast number of major  & micro suppliers all in one place.

A place where Micro Businesses get the same exposure as Corporations.

A place where Artisans can advertise their services free of charge.

A place that produces interesting articles on Companies, Suppliers, Artisans and Products.

A place where tiny businesses effectviely get e-commerce and social media marketing done for them for FREE.

A place that Enthusiasts can visit when they want and see all the companies, products & news in one place, even have their own cars displayed as supporters of our cause.

A place where spamming, bombarding your in box with emails and offers will not happen.

We will simply send out the occasional article into Social Media World reminding everyone of our presence, you then have the choice to view or not, or maybe you might choose to subscribe to our site (when we have set that facility up) and to stay up to date with everything that’s happening.

The choice is yours but please do visit our facebook page and give us a like / follow to show your support for the cause.