Scotty here, today I had opportunity to discuss my Social Enterprise with Ray De Haan. Ray also believes Children are not being given enough opportunity to learn practical skills and so he backs our Social Enterprise fully. He made the point that not every child is academically gifted and so when leaving school without any practical skills confidence they are immediately faced with a challenge, as are potential employers. He explained to me that he can relate to this predicament from his own teenage days and how he needed opportunity more than anything to demonstrate his abilities.

We discussed the fact that Health & Safety Regulations have perhaps influenced a fear of teaching children such skills. Now Ray is a formidable stunt driver, once the World Record Holder for tight space parallel parking, the chap who some older readers will remember was allegedly fixed to a wall with wallpaper paste and flown over London suspended from a helicopter in the Solvite adverts ! Below is a video of him during making of a James Bond Film.

Clearly this was a dangerous stunt and many external factors can influence an outcome. If you listen carefully you can hear Ray explain that his Risk Assessment concluded that the greatest risk was the possibility the car may go through the ice. This is something Ray spoke to me about in relation to teaching children Practical Skills. There are risks however such risks need to be weighed against the benefits for children and equally risk must be identified , mitigated or managed with parental consultation as part of the discussion. You can’t mitigate against slipping with a spanner and grazing your knuckles but you can mitigate against getting debris in your eyes , damaging your hearing or breathing in dust etc. So my cry to parents is let’s give back to Children the opportunity to learn practical skills again and manage the risks to minimum. Confidence is another consideration, it takes confidence to try this World Record attempt ? .

When it comes to confidence then I would say a large percentage of the population would benefit from hearing the psychological techniques and beliefs that Ray applies to this own lifestyle which helps him maintain his confidence and never lets fear of failure win. This aspect of Rays forward thinking larger than life approach to life is perhaps best demonstrated by his personal efforts to hold his own Festival every other year. Aptly named the YOLO Festival (You Only Live Once). The name itself  encapsulates everything about Rays’ approach to life, both on screen and in his leisure time.

We talked about the mental health and loneliness concerns being identified in emerging generations and then talked about how our Social Enterprise and its objectives will be an effective tool in helping some children.

Well, thanks Ray, I’ve known you a good few years now and never have I met such a like minded guy. Thanks for your support. Now for the children who might attend our school,  it is very likely you will meet Ray one day. So you better do your homework on the films he’s been in. Here a link to help you cheat https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0212548/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm

Regards SCOTTY