Lucas Classic Car Parts

Scotty here, Lucas Classic Car Parts license holders tracked me down recently. They spotted my Social Enterprise chatting in a Forum and loved the objective. Talking to them it was really interesting to hear that their LUCAS Classic Car Parts range is currently being ramped up again. How exciting is that ?.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a little out of date now as I no longer sell classic car parts but seek to promote others who do. However it gives you an idea of the journey I have been on.

They instantly enabled me with the ability to provide their products to our Supporters. The first Products we are going to run with are the new Service Packs. Incredible value for money kits which give you LUCAS Distributor Cap , Leads , Points , Condenser, Spark Plugs and more, all in a value for money kit. Now we all know this is time tested quality, so fitting one of these kits you can be sure things are as they should ?

If you are looking for a LUCAS Part and need some help just drop me an email and will try and help you find it.