Scotty here, well our Team is building and it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that Lee Bezuidenhout fully supports our #PracticalSkills4Kids initiative and is looking to help out when he can .

Lee’s interest in cars started at a young age, and he has been involved in car building and motorsport in some form his whole life.

Lee has a passion for Science and Engineering and works in the medical Diagnostic industry, and has been both a Scientist and an Engineer professionally and is also a STEM Ambassador.

In his spare time he has prepared rally cars, builds and maintains sports cars and takes part in various forms of motorsport. Most noticeably, Lee has taken part in the National Tarmac Championship and won the class as co-driver. This includes a class win at the Manx National Rally on the Isle of Man.

Other events include UK National level events, events in Belgium (Flanders International Rally Challenge) and plans to take part in the British Historic Rally Championship next year.

Lee has also done some Rally driving instruction at Brands Hatch in the past as well as driver demonstrations at venues such as Silverstone.

Lee wants to bring his passion and knowledge of practical skills to the youth and help to ignite the spark within them to find and pursue their own passion in life.

Thanks Lee great to have you on board ….Scotty