Classic VW Cup

Scotty here, we are still Fighting for the Survival of our Social Enterprise and hanging on by the skin of our teeth. We need more Classic Car Fans to support us . More than anything we need some more Motorsport Manufacturers to demonstrate their Corporate and Social Responsibility and be a part of giving back to children the opportunity to learn practical skills #PracticalSkills4Kids. 

Here is a link to our Social Enterprise Shop which is slowly growing.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a little out of date now as I no longer sell classic car parts but seek to promote others who do. However it gives you an idea of the journey I have been on.

However some great news today as Ian Fowler Championship Coordinator behind the Classic WV Cup has made contact and given us a great opportunity for children in 2019. Here is the news in Ians words which is to be sent out in their newsletter shortly. Thank you Ian, this is a great opportunity for Children and Young Adults.

Exciting news for 2019 as the Classic VW Cup will be supporting Scottys Retro Workshop by providing work placements at its race weekends.

“ We are behind anything that teaches children and young adults practical skills” Ian Fowler,Co-ordintor of the Classic VW Cup commented.

“Not all children are academic and over the last few years if you wanted to learn practical skills the choices have been limited “

“Scotty’s scheme gives them a unique way of learning   and will teach real world skills that can assist them in everyday life” Ian added.

With the partnership we will see the students attending rounds of the Classic VW Cup in a practical capacity. They will be placed with the teams and get to see how a race car is checked and prepared for motorsport.

They will also get  behind the scenes tours so they can see how a race meeting operates .

BGS Classic VW Cup