The Jerram

Scotty here, well our FREE Practical Skills 4 Kids Workshop Days have started with a bang. It was a great day with children (girls and boys) as young as 11 learning how to jack a car up , support it safely on axle stands , remove the wheels , inflate to the correct pressure, refit the wheels and torque to the correct settings. The first volunteer ? An 11 year old girl called Sophie.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a little out of date now as I no longer sell classic car parts but seek to promote others who do. However it gives you an idea of the journey I have been on.

With the help of Racing Champions James Bilsland and Lee Bezuidenhout we listened to the Children asking “when can we build a racing car !”.  What a lovely idea but way out of my pocket, getting this far has wiped out my personal finances. But then something amazing happened, in fact a series of events unfolded that day.

First a Gentlemen called Rev T contacts me from our Social Media World and tells me to expect amazing things ! Now Rev T is one of those mysterious people who simply transmits hope, encouragement and support.

Then my phone pings and an almost complete stranger presents me with an unbelievable act of Human Kindness. I say stranger but I met David Jerram briefly at Spridget 60 this year, during my trawl around Europe attending Motoring Events such a LeMans, Silverstone, Brands Hatch,  waffling about my vision and promoting my Societal Objective. Often being given side ways glances !

David, MD of Digital Marketeers based in Reading, aptly with a front page headline “MAKE AN IMPACT”, offers to gift our kids a 1963 Austin Healey Sprite !!!…… Apparently 1 of only 8 of that year still registered in the UK of which 3 are on a SORN.

Make an Impact

Suddenly we have a near complete tick box. We have an Historic Car, 2 Racing Champions, a highly respected engine builder, the facilities to prepare the car (well some of them ) and an under 18 Pit Crew in Training. I say under 18 but I mean way under 18 !

It’s odd really , here is a link to me plodding round the pits at Brands Hatch earlier in the year waffling about my dream to enter a car with a team of tiny mechanics. A dream which was well received and encouraged by the existing Racing Teams but a dream I never felt I could achieve.

So our target is set Class D of MG Car Club …..Midget & Sprite Challenge an event 2018 Sponsored by Lackford Engineering a company who have had some involvement in alterations of my personal road car The Peril. This is all sounding a little evolutionary ? Here is The Peril at the closing stages of Spridget 60 and by chance parked next the man who I believe created The Midget & Sprite Club … a guru of knowledge Terry Horler. A man who told me a few months back “keep going Lad”.

Yet the voice of experience tells us that this is only half of what we need to actually get to the Track and promote our Societal Message. Reality starts to kick in again.

Then my phone pings again. Johnny Hammond of The Tarot Rats (far right) , a well known local, yet rising fast, band contacts me. He wants to know how they can help get these kids to the Track. Within 24 Hours Rock & Racing is announced a Music Gig to raise funds to get the show on the road. John our Local Landlord at The George Cranbrook rises to the challenge and we have a venue. The date is set 10th November. Photo courtesy of

Tarot Rats

Then a band with 100,000 + fans engages and wants to help, but reality has to kick in somewhere. This could get out of hand. I have to live here afterwards ! and I need to focus on survival, our little Seed is growing but we are faced with many challenges not least pay my rent and secondly a huge technical challenge ….. 50,000 Classic Car Parts to get on our website, my IT skills are being pushed to their limit and I haven’t managed to crack it yet. This has to remain my focus if we are to survive. Our tiny mechanics are back next week for more FREE training which will now have to step up a gear ?

So we decided to keep with the central theme of our objective and to give young people a chance in life and so Johnny is exploring other young talent to support the day. Hopefully we will grow and more children can become involved. There is a very successful and resourceful man pondering our plan and he has the resources for this to assist hundreds of children…and the concept is not something that is new to him ….. some forty years ago this was on his dream board too….. fingers crossed …. off to see him again Saturday.

Watch this space. To date this Enterprise has cost me £75k of my own money and time. My dream is to build a huge school giving children opportunity to learn practical skills, for children who have a passion but not the resources and for children who are not academically gifted and need opportunity to learn new skills, to enable the pass down of Artisan Skills and to do this in an environment where Age Generations interact, hopefully tackling modern day isolation and loneliness challenges along the way.



Regards Scotty