Steve Goodchild

Scotty here, well I simply cannot keep up with the support coming in from The Classic Car World. I would like to share with you another act of Human Kindness by Steve Goodchild. First Steve guides me towards the BBC and an opportunity to present our Social Enterprise on air. That ball is still rolling .

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a little out of date now as I no longer sell classic car parts but seek to promote others who do. However it gives you an idea of the journey I have been on.

Steve Goodchild2

Then he presents a K Series Midget Stainless Exhaust System that we can sell to raise funds. This is no ordinary piece of kit . To buy this system from Frontline Developments the original manufacturers would have set you back over £1100.00. On a tea break ? click here to learn about Frontline Developments and the passion of Chris Evans the DJ.

So if there is a K Series builder out there looking for one just drop me a line.

Steves interest started at a very early age owing to his fathers motorsports involvement with Alfa Romeo owners club back in the 1970’s. Now that is where I am coming from …we all mainly learnt from our fathers …but sadly that is dying away and that is why my enterprise exists in a way.

Steve Goodchild 3

From then his interest was cemented and like myself he went on to follow in his fathers footsteps and served an apprenticeship with Alfa Romeo, he openly states that he feels this Apprenticeship held him in good stead for the rest of his motoring passion.

He no longer works in the Motor Trade but is an active member of the MG Car Club, Midget and Sprite Club as well as BMW and Porsche Car Clubs.

He loves Classic Cars and especially modified ones where they are brought up to modern performance and reliability such as the K-Series and Zetec powered Midgets and Austin Healey Sprites. The pics on this post show his current car which is a 1967 Austin Healey Sprite PYG794E. He has owned this particular car for just over a year now and enjoys time on tours and Motorsport such as track days and very recently hill climbs and sprints in the MG Car Championship.

Steve Goodchild 4

He has other cars in his life, currently namely a Porsche 977 Gen 2 for the longer tours and occasional track day. A tractor for topping grass at the horses paddocks and a Honda CRV as a Daimler driver and general loyal servant. He hopes to continue motoring long into my 60’s and hopefully 70’s  “This is my motoring passion”.

Thanks for all your support Steve…. how are your ironing skills now retirement has kicked in ?

Regards Scotty