Association of Heritage Engineers

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a little out of date now as I no longer sell classic car parts but seek to promote others who do. However it gives you an idea of the journey I have been on.

Scotty here, this is a thank you to The Association of Heritage Engineers

Late last night I was plodding away at trying to build my website. Latest estimates are that I will be 142 when I finish it. This is because supportive suppliers have now given me Reseller Agreements on way over 50,000 parts to help give viability to my FREE #PracticalSkills4Kids Workshops. However suddenly I was interrupted. My phone started pinging non stop ! Now since entering the mysterious World of Social Media I do appear to get a lot of communications from Scammers and Ladies of The Night etc but not on this occasion.

It turned out that Dominic Taylor-Lane founder of The Association of Heritage Engineers had stumbled across a Twit.

That Twit being me on Twitter. Dominic had kindly shared one of my twits and suddenly I was receiving rather a lot of interest in my farm yard antics !. It appears that Dominic and I both share the same passion, the hand down and sharing of knowledge relating to engineering and practical skills.

I must say Dominic has an approach which is far more professional than mine. He has established a fast growing Membership of like minded people who would like to see some action and results within our industry. Whereas I have built a workshop on a pond and found myself over subscribed with children wanting to learn #PracticalSkills4Kids for FREE.

Now anyone who knows me will know that I have a habit of speaking my mind, not to offend but just because I need to empty it quickly. I know mums and dads will do anything to find somewhere to dump their kids on a Weekend , particularly if it is for free. I know this because I am a dad. However I can honestly say the children who are attending my school have a genuine interest and desire to learn and in fact teach.

Sorry …I am digressing.

So look at some of the words below from Dominics site…. how aligned are we. I strongly suggest that if you feel the same as Dominic and I then you should head over to his site and become a Member. People make success ? You can find it HERE

The main aim of the Association of Heritage Engineers is to get together the generations and start a conversation. When older engineers and craftspeople leave a business there is often no conduit or opportunity for them to share their skills and experiences, that is where the AoHE comes in.

By joining the AoHE you will become part of a community of like minded people. We aim to hold special events all over the country at heritage engineering sites, museums and at businesses. Wearing your AoHE badge means that you are happy to talk and share information. We want to give people who may have retired or work on their own the opportunity to share there skills and experience with others. To inspire the next generation and to promote a real heritage engineering legacy.

I am hoping that engineers and enthusiasts from across the heritage engineering world will take part, from steam to aviation, from cars and motorcycles to industrial heritage museums. You don’t need to have been a professional, but do need to possess a passion for heritage engineering and a willingness to share you knowledge with others

Without such an initiative there is the real possibility that skills and information will be lost, I am determined that is not going to happen and that our vast engineering heritage legacy is to be preserved and promoted to future generations.

Dominic I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for promoting me and the kind words of support you have sent me. Look forward to meeting up sometime. Onwards and upwards

Regards Scotty


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