Jamie Scottys Retro Workshop Data Wizard

Scotty here, well another fantastic piece of news. I am posting tonight to both thank and welcome Jamie Masterman to The SRW Team. I say Team as I am also lucky enough to have Racing Champions James Bilsland & Lee Bezuidenhout volunteering time to help me teach our Junior Pit Teams on a weekend when they can and Jo Gibson who is helping administrate the Workshop Days and talking with parents about fund raising opportunities. Right now Jo is trying to hunt down a local builder / merchant to see if they can help us with a Portaloo for our school.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a little out of date now as I no longer sell classic car parts but seek to promote others who do. However it gives you an idea of the journey I have been on.

There I go digressing as usual. However back to Jamie. As many of you know I have been pushing this enterprise along on my own for just over a year now, one minute stuck under a car with a spanner in my hand, the next typing out letter after letter trying to find some help, the next packaging up secondhand car parts and sending them all over the World and the next swearing profusely trying to teach myself how to build this website and our webshop. I have really struggled with data completion and so here we are a year down the line and we still do not have all 50,000 products we could be selling on our website.

Well last night it was one of those moments where I was in the pub effectively head in hands, boring the pants of people and explaining my challenges to some local friends Gary Hall & Chris Masterman. When Chris suddenly said…..

You know what …I reckon Jamie could help you there

So after a brief chat in the pub between the 4 of us and followed by a number of emails and txt messages today it’s all sorted . Jamie is now onboard and working with me as our Data Wizard. We hope together, that with the advice / offers of help that have been given to us by a number of followers, we will muddle through together and solve our challenge of how to get 50,000 Classic Car parts on our site. We know that if we do achieve this then there are many Classic Car Fans who support our project and would most likely buy products from us and keep this Social Enterprise Initiative / Business with Purpose alive. Achieving such a result would mean that Jamie & I will have cracked a means of paid employment whilst delivering Societal Benefit hand in hand with the #PracticalSkills4Kids Classes.

This is a great start to the final strand of my Plan. I believe this enterprise can be run almost entirely by people who are to some degree house bound. Once we have all these parts on line then I see opportunity for retired Classic Car Fans to help from home in administrating the online aspects, helping younger fans solve their mechanical problems and point them towards the correct parts they might need. With todays affiliate possibilities this could create enjoyable, work when you want, part time paid employment. We have a long way to go but we have a plan and over the past year we have made significant progress.

Onwards and upwards !!!

Come and say hello to me, Jamie, James, Lee and hopefully Jo next week (10th November 7pm) at The George in Cranbrook at our Rock & Racing Fund Raiser. Raising Funds for our Austin Healey JERRAM Sprite Project. You can read all about it here and below is the banner we put up yesterday

Regards Scotty

Rock and Racing IMG_1554