Kent MASC Rock Up In Support

Scotty here, well what an emotional day. I got up early to plaster a wall for a neighbour, to keep the dollar rolling in and the dream alive. Hard to concentrate when one of the UK’s most successful business men (can’t name him sadly) contacts you and donates £250 !!!!  to The JERRAM Sprite Project and its way Under 18 Pit Crew, alongside Racing Driver – Richard Wildman making contact and offering to promote the cause on his 2019 Race Car. Then Paul Andrews, I believe former Kent Entrepreneur of The Year starts sharing yours posts and wants to help by promoting on BixRadio.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a little out of date now as I no longer sell classic car parts but seek to promote others who do. However it gives you an idea of the journey I have been on.

Well I had to turn the phone off and go up the workshop for some adrenaline rest but not before tweeting everyone and telling them. However I knew a few Spridget friends where due to turn up at some point so I had to turn the phone on.

After some time spent staring at the footings George was digging, as our yard expands for Steve Barret Fencing (my supportive Landlord,  I could write a whole chapter on his help with this initiative) my phone rings….it is someone down in the Village…

Scotty ….you need to get down to the village buddy …it’s filling up with those little cars your nuts about… 

So I stood there for 20 minutes expecting 3 or 4 friends to show up with my camera ready … then this happened. I couldn’t believe it and maybe you can hear the nervousness in my voice.

Well ….without doubt …my suspicion that the Midget & Sprite Club / Classic Car Fans would respond to an initiative to give #PracticalSkills4Kids is turning out to be true.

The day is not yet over as Darren Collins ‘@classiccargur1’ responds to my ‘thanks for a follow’ and tells me he was part of #TeamAnt last year. I have to google it because there was a recent 5 years of my life when I didn’t watch TV and these days whenever I do catch a glimpse of it Lovely Island is on so I don’t go there. Ex Military, a passion for helping young people , car bonkers …. now that’s synergy.

Anyway thats enough for today, my ticker needs a rest so I’m off to the fridge for a beer.  But not before I say a massive thank you to MASC Kent Members who showed up today , organised by Alan Instead and Mike Pearson..I could write lots more and will in time .. for example …writing a syllabus for our young mechanics has been nagging on my mind but one kind member today handed me everything I need …you couldn’t make it up..

Regards Scotty and sincerely thank you everyone , I am just about to bring Jamie up to speed with a one last email .