Petrol Head Parenting

Scotty here, who would believe that out of the 100,000 plus exhibitors and visitors at the Lancaster Sponsored 2018 NEC Classic Car Show that I would be chosen by Ant Anstead of Discoverys Wheeler Dealers to receive an amazing gift in recognition of my efforts in pushing forward my beliefs .

PLEASE NOTE: This post is a little out of date now as I no longer sell classic car parts but seek to promote others who do. However it gives you an idea of the journey I have been on.

I guess that goes to show the strength of feeling that society needs to be giving #PracticalSkills4Kids to deprived children and children who perhaps are gifted but not in an academic way. Is the rising rate of teenage suicide due to these children not being given the confidence, outlook and opportunity they need ?

I guess Ant Anstead feels the same as I. 

For a year now I have dedicated my life and my entire worth to building a small school and to start teaching children FREE Practical Skills using a small fleet of Classic Cars, I have travelled to Brands Hatch , Silverstone, Le Mans and as many car shows as my pocket would permit to promote my vision. I believe the Unity, Strength and Passion of the Classic Car World has the potential to unite and create its own fix to this social problem.

I believe that the Celebrities, Media Machines and Money Men can come together here and build a #PracticalSkills4Kids initiative funded by  Companies Selling their Products , Enthusiasts Buying those Products and a margin which helps enable some funds to start changing more young lives. Taking the typical ‘cost of sale’ but making it work a Societal Goal.  Everyone is a winner.

Engineers, Enthusiast, Clubs, Suppliers etc are engaging, listening, supporting, following and ‘giving a Nod of Approval’ . The Voice of The British Engineer is getting louder…GIVE #PracticalSkills4Kids.

The collective following of those giving a positive response is now over 250,000. To name but a few these include Classic Car Curator, The Association of Heritage Engineers, Midget & Sprite Club, Club Triumph, Austin Healey Club, Bentley Enthusiasts, and even the Engineers of Rolls Royce are looking now, not to mention dozens of Racing Champions and Restoration Businesses / Artisans.

So What Did Ant Do ?

Ant has written a book called Petrol Head Parenting The Essential Guide to Diagnosing and Nurturing a Petrol Head ( a must have xmas present ? ).

In recognition of this MAC Tools Gifted an amazing tool chest at the NEC. The artwork within the book is the work of Noah, read about Noah here and his work with Disney plus obtain a copy of the book and other related great pressies HEREPetrol Head Parenting 2

Well Noah decided to enhance the look of the Tool Chest and applied his artistic skills and character to the Tool Chest.

Petrol Head Parenting 3

Awesome …another example of Practical Skills in action …sorry I am digressing…. On completion of the show and with rumours about this crazy bloke called Scotty circulating at the NEC he investigated and decided that the Tool Chest should be gifted to our humble School….. the Tool chest was carried as a favour to Essex and then …..Darren Collins who works on #Teamant Projects decides to make this happen immediately …. he gets in his Van in Portsmouth late in the afternoon, buzzes me to find out where I am and then drives to Essex and then into deep Kent to deliver the box to me…. then drives back to Portsmouth !!! ….. I rest my case I am not the only man in the Classic Car World who is off his trolley !  ….thank you Darren and what a great chat we had last night … my dinner was nearly in the Cat ….but my news diverted emotion. 🙂


The Next Step

Well my attention is now turning to our JERRAM Sprite Race Car Project and our wayunder 18 Pit Crew… we will be racing at Brands Hatch to promote our Societal Message … GIVE#PracticalSkills4Kids…. in April 2019.  Obviously the colour will have to be Green to match our tool chest ….

Anyone interested in part sponsoring

Please email or just fill contact sheet HERE

Anyone wishing to donate towards this car and have your name on the car bonnet can do so HERE.

Regards Scotty