Heritage Skills Academy

Scotty here, just a quick post with some amazing news.

Now the finest place in the UK to learn Heritage Engineering Skills and learn ‘how’ to preserve, restore, maintain our Automotive History  is The Heritage Skills Academy.

Now some might think that I am an emerging competitor but let me say this … no we are not….. but we are perhaps the fastest growing supporter.

You see … it’s like this …. Steve who contacted me this week wants to continue building the finest Academy in the Country and to put students through the best of Apprenticeships. He wants restoration companies etc around the World to use his facilities and he has a tool box full of ideas to make it financially viable for companies to do so.

Hats off to him there.

Whereas I want to help children who struggle academically or perhaps are venturing down the wrong road because they lack in confidence yet are gifted in different ways. I want to support children still in the schooling process who are struggling or perhaps have left school and need to refocus with hope and self confidence.

I want to reach deep into society and pick up those who feel they have no outlook and are of no value (shame on society there…. but it is a reality). I want to introduce them to their abilities and to sign post them towards achievement. Change their outlook.

Well this week Steve contacted me and opened his arms to my tiny mechanics and practically minded young people . So very soon we will be organising trips down there to take a look around and hopefully create some goals in little peoples minds, to make them feel like they are valued and that many want to help them.

So there you have it….. my GIVE FREE #PracticalSkills4Kids is a campaign / enterprise which is trying to assist at the earliest age and then to help in launching forward. If we can get enough support then maybe we will open around the country. If we can generate the revenue to sponsor Apprentices at Steves Academy then we will do so. Then maybe his Academy will venture to new locations too.

This has to be a Classic Car / Artisan Industry Initiative …Enthusiasts , Artisans , Suppliers etc pulling together to solve the problem we all talk about .

It’s Friday so I’m off to the pub now .

I might enhance this post when I get 5 minutes as it is a crucial stepping stone…. this is the Industry embracing the issue together and linking up the dots.

Regards Scotty