Scotty here, well another Great British Brand with roots deep in the Heritage of our hobby comes on board to help.

Whilst at Birmingham NEC I had chance to meet Mike Kimpton of Mountney.

I explained my concern over the lack of opportunity for Children to learn practical skills and my intention to try and change this. Only halfway through my spiel I could see that Mike, with all his years in the business, could see precisley where I was coming from. “We will sort this for you” he said.

Well true to his word Dan his son was on my case Monday after the show and pushing me forward. Thank you guys …it has been very busy this end.

So now we have the ability to sell Mountney Products as well as all the great Brands they own. Why not pop over to their site and have a browse by clicking HERE.

With all the other great Brands coming on board we will soon have a supermarket of Great Branded Classic Car Products.

As some know we are crowdfunding to create the last injection of money we need to finish this online supermarket.

A place where every product sold will support the future of our Hobby Industry.


Our industry needs young blood, it needs a hand down of Artisans skills on a massive scale. If not, then every aspect of our Industry is walking towards a cliff edge ?

However very few can afford to train and the Government Wage Recommendations are hardly likely to attract any young people .

As a result, very few young people join our industry and the youngsters who would normally join have no idea about how to go about it because we do not teach Practical Skills anymore and Careers advisors have little to offer in. that respect.

Worse still it appears that children who leave school with little academic success but who may be gifted in other ways are now turning to crime and mental health issues are arising through lack of outlook and confidence.

Scottys Retros Workshop is one mans attempt to change this with Action not Words. It is also an attempt to bring together our industry not as a Charity but as a Business with Purpose and to create a means of funding solutions to the above.

Just imagine if our Industry had its own Ebay or Amazon. Where Classic Car Enthusiasts and Artisans purchased their needs without going via Ebay or Amazon. The fees typically charged by these companies could be used to build community workshops and begin solving the above ?

We would also be in a position to Sponsor Apprenticeships, working with & supporting existing organisations whilst building new facilities with similar yet different objectives.

So that is what I am trying to do…. but not as a Charity that gets milked by Regulatory bodies demanding expensive data and metrics but as a Certified Social Enterprise , a Business with Purpose signed up to an Asset Lock preventing personal gain and in control of its own destiny and decision making.


Dozens of Brands are now supporting, our first Workshop is open and we are teaching Practical Skills for FREE, our online Supermarket is in construction and we are crowd funding to expedite this process. We have a long waiting list of children keen to get involved and parents pleading for spaces for their children , particularly children who are struggling at school but have a passion for practical skills .


Well that’s the latest …onwards and upwards.

Regards Scotty