Artisan Skills are vanishing… our Hobby Industry needs to collaborate and act ?

The Classic Car Industry has always been an Industry of Friendly Collaboration and Support.

The need is now bigger than ever ?

This Website is about one mans attempt to try & tackle this challenge. 

Here are some of the GREAT Brands / Companies / or their License Holders who have now offered him help / advice / products where a small margin can contribute to financing future Practical Skills Opportunities 4 Kids with the long term aim of funding Apprenticeships at The Heritage Skills Academy Bicester.

More Suppliers and Loyal Customers needed.

Described on BBC Radio as “Truly Trailblazing” SCOTTYS Certified Social Enterprise is already delivering opportunities for some children to learn Practical Skills for FREE and hopes to progress to a much larger charitable organisation. 

Why not use SCOTTYS Supplier Library as your point of entry to eBay. Every purchase made cost you and the supplier no more but you are helping a GOOD cause.