AN UPDATE on our EBAY Link Up.

You can now buy Classic Car Parts on EBay and help our Enterprise. In fact you can buy anything and help our cause.

Here are the results of our first 48 Hours and resulting sales from the first 24 Hours.

1600+ supporters follow our enterprise now but 3000 saw the post.

This means a lot of people shared this . Thank you folks.

227 engaged and clicked though to my website and then through to ebay.

Again incredible in my eyes and shows the strength of feeling and support.

Sales figures run 24 hours behind but I can tell you that if you halve the above it resulted in 5 kind people placing orders with Ebay Shop Keepers and these orders raised £6.13 towards funding this enterprise.

If this where the case every day, well that would be well on its way to relieving me of the monthly hire cost of The Workshop.

I obviously still need to earn a living too but I am exploring this in many ways.

So basically this Social Enterprise is very much in the hands of Classic Car Fans and supporters from my Local Community / Friends.

Please use Ebay via my site to search for your car parts or day to day purchases.

This is how both a Hobby Niche Community and a Local Community can fund something that collectively they view as a good cause.


I am exploring moving forward to a Community Charity Status. Becky at Social Enterprise Kent is looking into this for me now.

We may have found a way of Global E-Commerce helping to fund our objectives through customer loyalty how cool is that ?

For the truly dedicated supporters you can still buy your Classic Car Parts directly from our site too. Slowly we are adding the product lines that major suppliers are offering to support us but it is taking a lot of time and effort.

In the interest of Honesty & Integrity here are these results.

Thank you for your continued support. Feel free to Share 🙂

Regards SCOTTY