MOSS Classic Car Parts

MOSS Classic Car Parts have been a great help in enabling our Social Enterprise. When I first started this challenge they gave me the ability to sell Classic Parts and create a small income to help fund my attempt to provide FREE #PracticalSkills4Kids. However for those in a hurry, below you can dive into the MOSS eBay Shop and hit the right aisle immediately. Any purchase you make still helps my initiative but does not cost you anymore. Further on you will find a ‘live feed’ to their 30 most recently added products. 

Not all MOSS products are on eBay yet so if you need help drop me a line . As can Official MOSS Reseller I am able to supply their entire range often with some special discounts. Just Email or call 01580 712032. I’m always happy to talk ‘nuts and bolts’

Here is a LIVE FEED to their Latest Product Listings.


I guess I call them MOSS Classic Car Parts because I am a little old school. The truth of the matter is they are now much more. You may not know that they are now providing a very comprehensive range of Mazda MX 5 Parts, slowly building their Fiat 124 Range and enhancing their range of performance parts across many marques. 

If you get a chance why not like my Facebook page or Twitter account. You can subscribe at the bottom of this website but if you are anything like me I hate receiving constant emails probably best to bookmark my page and drop by every now and then. I will be running regular features on their new products as they come out  and any special deals they are promoting, some of which are Trade Only. I often post bulk buy deals that MOSS offer me and gather together like minded people so we all benefit. I usually post this on my Facebook Page.

All the best