Car Builder Solutions

CAR BUILDER SOLUTIONS  Now this is a cracking supplier for those ‘special projects’ and alterations. For classic car fans you will find lots of bits and bobs here for less than you might find them for in a Classic Car Parts or Race Car Parts Sellers store. For KIT CAR FANS …they are invaluable. All those tricky ‘where do I get that from’ bits.

Lots more to tell you about these chaps but lets dive straight in . Here is CAR BUILDER SOLUTIONS shop menu taking you straight to the shelf you need. Followed by a LIVE FEED to their Latest Product Listings 

Every purchase you make helps our cause but does not cost you or CAR BUILDER SOLUTIONS a penny more. Please show your loyalty and come back to enter eBay via SCOTTYS …we may survive if you do. 

LIVE FEED showing their Latest Product Listings

CAR BUILDER SOLUTIONS is a family run business. Now run by Matt son of Neil. I can remember holding my fathers hand wandering around Dorking Auto Jumble when they started out on a wall paper table. Well that’s how I remember it. They soon went on to build some formidable Kit Cars more about that in the coming weeks.

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