IS YOUR CHILD A ‘LOSER’ ! I hope you opened this post because you are cross with me ? because there is no such thing as a LOSER other than failing to help people in need when you could ?

When I was at school I passed my ‘O’ Level Maths at the age of 14. My school was so impressed they entered me for 18 exams …BIG Parental Mistake.

It was what I would call an ordinary school . No money changing hands, no behind the scenes ‘Companies’.  Just a school … somewhere you had to go to give mum and dad a break.

Well I was not happy with this … my youth had been ruined I was overwhelmed with work. Gone were the days when I would cycle from Cobham in Surrey down to the coast and back on my Chopper Bike, make camps in the woods eating honey from Seans nans’ larder, lay in streams to create a human dam or build devices to lob bricks at conker trees. I still have the scar on my forehead from the prototype that went wrong at the top of Hogs Hill Lane.

I would sit in the Classroom looking out of the window at the ‘naughty boys’ with envy.

In those days the ‘naughty boys’ who were not achieving academically were refocussed. They were outside working on cars and learning how to drive them around the school field. As far as I know there were no accidents or fatalities.

So what happened to these boys ?

Why don’t schools do this anymore ?

Were they just no-hopers ‘losers’ ?

Did they venture into wrong doing out of boredom and an inability to find a passion ?

Did employers give them a chance.?

Did giving them Practical Skills instead change their lives ?

Well I can tell you one now flies billionaires around the World in their Private Jets. One now works in Aviation coordinating the movements of Aircraft at a major European Airport. One made it big in Construction and has retired to the Sunshine. Incidentally, out of the blue he recently gifted my little school a small amount of money to help me push my belief GIVE BACK #PracticalSkills4Kids.

This website is about my personal self funded attempt to build a small school to teach Practical Skills to Children for FREE and refocus them , it is part of a vision to gain enough support and ask Parliament to give back such Practical Skills opportunities to the less fortunate as a means of tackling wrong doing, mental health and crime.

To give my little school viability I sell Classic Car Parts to like minded Enthusiasts who support my cause. HOWEVER you can help too , if you or your business ever buy products from eBay then simply visit our Home Page and click on the eBay Logo link before you make a purchase. Ebay then gives our school a few pennies and this helps us survive. 

Every child deserves an opportunity ?

People Power can make it happen again ?

Tackle Diversity at an early age

Note Sophie with her Bobble hat.

That’s about it really folks but for those who want to know what happened to me …well it goes like this …

Under immense pressure and unhappiness, that adults had chosen to place me under … I floundered at school… had I been set a realistic target of 9 exams then the situation may have been different. I obtained a few ‘O’ Levels and then followed my true passion. I became an Apprentice in the Power Industry.

From then on my interest and thirst for knowledge relating to what I had watched the ‘naughty boys’ doing at school was insatiable. I chose to attend college every week for way over 10 years and every exam I took I nailed with distinction. I collected many Industry Awards, worked on some of the largest UK Engineering Projects, designed my own Condition Based Remote Monitoring Solution, attended the UK’s most prestigious Business School and travelled the World before starting my own humble Business 15 years ago.

The Moral of the story ? ….well there are many ?… but I hope you can find time to support me …even if its just a Facebook or Twitter follow it shows support for my hobby / belief / goal.  

Scottys Retro Workshop….an old school approach to modern day societal problems.

Regards Scotty