WATFORD CLASSIC CARS are a longstanding specialist in MG car parts. Located almost on the doorstep of AccuSpark. Consequently they are a superb source of related knowledge and experience.

From a personal perspective Watford Classics are also highly regarded by me for a wide range of upholstery and interior trim products.

Providing ignition systems for no less than 27 marques. Discover a useful video regarding ignition installation by visiting their shop.

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Still I won’t waffle… 

Here is the Watford Classic Cars eBay Shop followed by a live feed of their latests listings.

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Supplier Contact Details

Unit 2 Lantern Commercial Centre, London Road , Flamstead, Herts
AL3 8HG Trade Counter by Appointment Only last time I checked.

Tel: 01442 248362

Supplier Website

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50% of fees are gifted to The Association of Heritage Engineers to help engage the next Generation in Classic Cars. Helping finance practical skills hand-down opportunities. Collectively we can preserve our hobby niche and help fix the skills shortage. Only together will we make a difference.