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I am pleased to announce that it has been agreed today that SCOTTYS will be gifting 50% of paid Supplier Advertising income to support The Association of Heritage Engineers. The more Classic Car Fans and Suppliers who utilise our page will now help funnel funds to support a great cause in an attempt to address the industry skills shortage.

Connecting Enthusiasts & Suppliers whilst helping fix the skills shortage.

Hello and welcome to SCOTTYS Retro Workshop. I originally started this website to fund FREE Practical Skills Classes for children by selling British classic car parts.

However, to get the support of the Classic Car Community including the suppliers, I soon realised that I needed to assist suppliers not compete with them. Therefore, today I am seeking to build the largest database of useful Suppliers & Artisans and trying a different strategy….read on….

Classic Car Parts

SCOTTYS Supplier Library

My Supplier Library aims to promote hard to find suppliers of classic car parts. You will find all the contact details you need plus links to their eBay shops including a live feed of their latest products. If you make an eBay purchase then eBay pay me a tiny fee which helps fund the site build.

Suppliers are encouraged to sponsor links to their own Website shops and 50% of the annual fee is gifted to The Association of Heritage Engineers to help finance their skills hand-down projects. Click below to learn about AOHE.

The Association of Heritage Engineers

Artisans can advertise for free in the hope they support the cause. So please do get in contact. I have an engineering day job and so progress can be slow.

SCOTTYS Artisan Library

My Artisan Library aims to promote hard to find micro business. Providing them with a greater chance of being found on search engines. It is my way of supporting such small business and there is no fee for advertising. In most cases these tiny micro businesses have been recommended to me.

SCOTTYS Technical Library

My Technical Library is in the early stages but my intention is to gather together as much useful information as possible before it fades away. Mainly focussing on hard to find Technical Manuals and Guides. So do come back and see how I am getting on. It’s not great yet.

Best Regards SCOTTY