FUZZ TOWNSHENDS CLASSIC OILS evolved from Classic Oils established in 2002.

Since then the business has matured into a company offering a complete range of lubricants, coolants, fuel treatments  and other consumables for all classic, veteran and vintage vehicles. Including motorcycles, steam vehicles and earlier diesel engines.

In 2018, the company acquired fuel additive manufacturer Tetraboost and announced a strategic partnership with Car SOS‘s Fuzz Townshend. This step included rebranding the company to incorporate his name and image into the logo.

The products stocked by Classic Oils provide older engines with increased protection levels, more consistent oil pressure and reduced sludge deposits.  Racing engines of all ages can benefit from the latest oil additive technology and the best synthetic blends.  In gearboxes and transmissions, a range of products is always stocked to suit every type of gear design and bearing material.  Most importantly, knowledgeable advice is on hand to discuss difficult lubrication questions, specifically as they relate to older vehicles.

FUZZ TOWNSHENDS CLASSIC OILS Managing Director is Guy Lachlan. Other than our occasional chatters on Facebook I usually get chance to catch up with Guy at the various shows they attend. (a list of which is on their website)

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