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SMIFFYS BITS is a truly adorable operation run Mark Wyb-Smith. Mark owns a Mini 40 which won the Mini Worlds Car of the Year 2008. He has always had a passion passion for Minis and began manufacturing Classic Mini Parts after making several parts for his Paul Smith Mini.

Today he specialises in manufacturing almost every conceivable part out of Stainless Steel, ideal to enhance the look and maintainability of your Mini.

He is also the man to go to if you are seeking to have a one off part manufactured.

SMIFFYS BITS can be found at many major classic car shows and you won’t miss him with his fully branded stall.


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Still I won’t waffle… 

Here is the SMIFFYS BITS eBay Shop followed below by a live feed of their latests listings and shop menu.

eBay Live Feed Latest

eBay Shop Menu

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50% of fees are gifted to The Association of Heritage Engineers to help engage the next Generation in Classic Cars. Helping finance practical skills hand-down opportunities. Collectively we can preserve our hobby niche and help fix the skills shortage. Only together will we make a difference.

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Tel:  07974 566841