GRADIENT ENGINEERING are producers of motorsport inlet systems, including throttle bodies and turbo inlets, as well as many other specialist engine components.

Initially I questioned whether to add these chaps to SCOTTYS Artisan Library after their request, but then I looked a little deeper.

What I discovered was a fantastic SME engineering business based in Leicestershire, yet what tipped the balance for me was their Ford Pinto direct to head throttle bodies. Maybe be due to the first engine I ever rebuilt was a Pinto.

If looking for a one off for your vehicle or perhaps looking to find a UK based manufacturer for the supply of performance inlet manifolds for your customers, then these chaps provide specialist full Design and Engineering capability.

In Paul Griffins own words :

” We use the latest in CAD simulation to design our inlet systems to ensure they will perform as required and by utilising modern advanced manufacturing techniques we are able to respond to customer requestions for new inlet designs “

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