For those that follow my project with interest I decided to write an overview of recent progress and what I have been up to. I have included some historical photos, which for me are fond memories of the journey so far.

At the end are the important facts. Is it working ?

However first I would to thank everyone for their help and support…. without your loyalty, likes , sharing, engaging and utilising the site to buy Classic Car Parts this simply would not fly.

Hats off to you there because I know I can be quite a character at times. Correctly pushed back in line by fellow enthusiasts and my fiancé every now and then. Passion and a possible genetic link to Victor Mildrew are to blame I think.

Midget Front Suspension
The hours and hours of preparing new parts diagrams probably wiped a few years off my life . Now no longer needed.

I still have a list as long as my arm of Suppliers and Artisans who have engaged and who I am yet to publish on the site but I am working very hard at doing so.

As many will know I had to park this project 12 months ago and have a rethink. Something wasn’t working as intended and I was running out of personal funds. I shut down my parts business, mothballed the school I had built by hand and found myself an engineering job.

I miss the FREE workshop days and the great people who rocked up to help maybe one day it will open again but for now the mission is …support The Association of Heritage Engineers in their attempts … after all they are much better connected than I.

My social media silence whilst I settled in my new role coupled with performing major changes to the website, when removing the shop, resulted in Google dropping me like a stone. Everything was starting to look a little grim.

My new job has been tough, made harder by COVID, through which we had to work non-stop as essential key workers, then impacted further by the sad loss of a coworker. Yet my passion for teaching the next generation was quickly recognised and resulted in me being given a lead role in strengthening and expanding our Apprenticeship activities, so that was a great side effect.

Scottys Workshop
Now mothballed ready for another day.

Yet not a day went by without me pondering a better strategy to enable a revenue stream and support skills-hand down opportunities. I consulted with some very clever people who work in main stream media, way above the world our hobby Niche sits in.

Coupled with the echoing wise words of Professor Tony Stevens, who had design input to over 100 British Cars, slowly a strategy emerged and the opportunity to be in the tabloids to raise awareness sits ready pending success.

“SCOTTY is Trailblazing” was the verdict … well it didn’t quite go to plan but it is now.

So approximately 14 weeks ago, around the time that lockdown kicked in, I decided to use the hours I would normally spend at car shows, in my car or the pub talking nonsense with my friends, to put that strategy into action.

With many friends more at risk from COVID than others it felt appropriate to build a virtual village of Classic Car Part Suppliers, after all none of us would be given the opportunity to sniff round Traders Halls or Autojumbles for quite some time to come and suppliers would be hurting. I felt I needed to do something.

So I started building a virtual village with streets named after Classic Car Marques and proceeded to put the Supplier Shops into the Streets they sell parts for, linking through to their commerce spaces on eBay initially, at the same time I began assembling Artisans ready for phase two.

Bond BUG probably the funniest …. I wonder how many times Google will send a handbag hunter to my site ?

Anyway enough waffle here are the ‘outcome’ headlines after 14 weeks of SCOTTYS – PLAN B:


  • Many Suppliers are now making contact and the best way to assist them and proceed is being explored on a case by case basis.
  • Traffic on the site has shot up to 61,500 plus visitors, strong retainment, approximately 1200 a week and rising by around 12% a week on average.
  • Parts purchased as a result can be tracked for the first 24 hours. This alone shows nearly £5,000 in sales have resulted, which is incredible given the age of the strategy, yet it’s fair to say the actual figure is likely to be much much higher as I am presently unable to track beyond 24 hours.
  • Google is loving the SEO strategy and precise well considered structure. With the site holding number two position on a fast growing number of Niche keywords. yet it does take time. There are another 100 crafted and published, which Google has locked onto and it can be seen that they are slowly rising up the ranks.
  • I believe we are just weeks away now from being able to pour some cash into helping The Association of Heritage Engineers and I keep Dom up to speed as soon as the phone rings 🙂

Regards SCOTTY

Together we can ….together we will ….find a way to enable a skills hand-down