I would describe LONGSTONE CLASSIC TYRES as ‘your like minded friend’ when it comes to classic and vintage car tyre considerations. I say this because first and foremost the LONGSTONE TEAM are themselves Classic Car Enthusiasts, not to mention an extremely likeable bunch of chaps and chapesses.

Couple the above qualities with their immense knowledge of suitability, historical performance and Brand option considerations, they offer all the information and support you need to make the best and correct decision.

The specialist knowledge and experience offered by LONGSTONE CLASSIC TYRES is not something you can collate overnight or teach quickly. In fact their advice is based upon over 30 years of focussed deep involvement and solution finding.

In their own words…

We are a passionate bunch of vintage petrol-heads with the expertise and skills to help you to make the correct decisions about the vintage tyre you need for your classic, vintage or veteran cars.

SCOTTYS Supplier Library is about helping enthusiasts connect quickly with hard to find Classic Car Part Suppliers and Artisans. Creating a unique Directory where advertising actually supports a good cause.

50% of fees are gifted to The Association of Heritage Engineers to help engage the next generation in Classic Cars, by enabling skills hand-down opportunities. LONGSTONE CLASSIC TYRES why not CONTACT SCOTTY and help support the momentum, sponsor your page ?

Still I won’t waffle… 

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Tel: +44 (0) 1302 714072

Website: longstonetyres.co.uk

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