How to find the perfect gift for a Classic Car Fan

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Christmas Gifts for Classic Car Fans

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a Classic Car Fan ? You are now in the right place, below are some great hand selected ideas by SCOTTY or you can pop over to his Supplier Library and find over a hundred suppliers and links to their shops.

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Gifts for a Classic Mini Fan

WOOD & PICKETT Classic Mini Satchel in SCOTTYS Supplier Library

Wood & Pickett are an iconic name in the Classic Mini world. Today they are still in existence and have over 700 product lines in their eBay SHOP. Below are three of my favourite gift ideas.

Gifts for a Classic Healey Fan and many others.

Gifts for Austin Healey Fan

Whilst there are many suppliers of Austin Healey related gifts, all of whom can be found in SCOTTYS Supplier Library, the following caught my eye from a supplier I have not yet listed. Yet be quick as these are typically made to order. Wiltshire Originals make them for most Marques. Here are few from their eBay Shop.

Surprise your partner with your Technical Knowledge


Is your partner always frustrated with his Carbs and fuel mixture ? The genuine Dell’Orto synchrometer / balancer will help get that setting correct. There are many on the market and some are inferior copy products. The eBay link I provide here takes you to Eurocarb who claim to be the sole UK Dell’Orto importer and official Weber dealer.

Is it appropriate for my partners car? The listing includes a genuine German made synchrometer plus an SU type adaptor to suit HS2, HS4, HS6, HS8 etc. Also fits Stromberg CD 150 and 175, part number SYNCHRONOMETERSU. So the answer is ‘yes most likely’ yet probably safe to go for the version that comes with an optional use elbow.

A great low cost gift for Dad or Mum.

Classic Car gift for Dad

This link takes you to a chap who supplies many Classic & Retro Toy Cars complete with a personalised number plate ! Delivery is an additional £3.49 when I last looked yet he does appear to ship worldwide so there could be some changes there. Below I have listed his entire eBay shop so you can have a quick browse.

How about some highly regarded great Classic looking tools ?

Classic Car Tools Gift Ideas

Maybe its just me but I love traditional looking tools offering a blend of high quality craftsmenship and modern day capability.

These highly sought after Elementary Screwdriver Sets are a handmade design by Justin Holmes, a cabinet maker who struggled to find a set of screwdrivers that met his requirements for comfort, quality and simplicity. 

Here I link you to the well trusted HOLDEN Vintage and Classic eBay shop or click here to shop direct. Below is a selection of sets they offer but there are dozens of potential gifts in their shops.

Any Great Deals I Spot on Ebay... Usually Show Here

Come back soon as I will be adding more ideas to this page …

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