What to do on a Classic Car Basic Service

This guide captures ‘bygone’ advice on how to carryout a Basic Service on your classic car.

Useful information for Classic Car and Retro Car enthusiasts as many of these tasks are no longer required on modern day cars.

The Basic 6,000 Mile Service recommendations for a Classic Car.

Providing a high level list with links to specific tasks as I create them.

  1. Change engine oil.
  2. Replace air filters.
  3. Replace oil filters.
  4. Replace fuel filters.
  5. Clean petrol filters and replace if necessary.
  6. Reset or replace spark-plugs.
  7. Check or replace HT Leads
  8. Check and reset distributor points. Replace if necessary.
  9. Check and adjust ignition timing.
  10. Adjust valve clearances to specification.
  11. Clean carburettor and adjust tick-over and mixture settings.
  12. Check oil level in gearbox (manual or auto­matic) and rear axle and top up if necessary.
  13. Drain gearbox and axle (if directed in handbook).
  14. Attend to miscellaneous lubrication and greasing.
  15. Check thickness of disc pads and brake linings. Adjust brakes where applicable. Check and adjust handbrake. Examine tyre wear and change wheels round if necessary. Check wheel alignment and tyre pressures.
  16. Examine brake flexible hoses and metal pipes for security, chafing, leaks and rusting. Top up reservoir.
  17. Check clutch hydraulics for rusting, chafing and leaks. Check clutch pedal travel, and adjust clutch clearance where specified.
  18. Check cooling components for leaks and block­ages. Check. condition and tightness of fanbelt.
  19. Check operation and condition of all electrical equipment. Adjust headlamp settings if required.
  20. Check all steering linkages for excess wear and movement; repair/replace as necessary. Examine driveshaft boots and steering rack gaiters for security and splits (where applicable).
  21. Check all fluid levels. Attend to engine crank­case breather valve (when fitted).


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