How To Remove MGB Axle Shafts

How To Remove MGB Axle Shafts

This guide captures ‘bygone’ advice on how to Remove Axle Shafts On An MGB.

It is part of my series on MGB Differential Rebuild.

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Useful information for Classic Car and Retro Car enthusiasts, as many of these tasks are no longer required on modern day cars.

Remember folks these are ‘bygone guides’ … useful but the safety and personal protective equipment measures are reflective of bygone awareness. Stay safe.

MGB Rear Axle Exploded View
This exploded view of an MGB “Salisbury” semi-floating rear axle shows the components which are involved in the overhaul

Step By Step Axle Shaft Removal

Before the differential carrier can be extracted from its casing the axle shafts must first be withdrawn.

  • Models with wire wheels have four nuts on the brake drum and these must be removed.
  • Next back off the brake adjusters and remove the brake drums from both sides of the car.
  • Use a pair of pliers to remove the split-pin which locks the castellated axle-shaft nut in place and remove the nut itself.
  • The driving flange can now be removed.
  • Disconnect the brake fluid supply pipes from the wheel cylinders and remove the backplate.
  • The oil seal collar, bearing hub cap and oil seal can now be withdrawn for the axle-shaft.
  • Partly re-fit the axle-shaft nut to protect the threads and use either BL impulse extractor tool 18G 284 with adaptor 18G 284 D or a universal slide hammer to pull the axle­shaft from its housing.
  • Repeat this procedure for the axle­shaft on the opposite side.

If reading this post as part of my series on How To Remove MGB Axle Shafts then continue as follows:

  • Support the axle assembly with a trolley jack and remove the front mounting bolts from the two leaf springs, then the rear shackle plates, brackets and rubbers.
  • The whole rear axle assembly can now be lowered from the car but it is advisable to have an assistant to steady the unit while the jack is being lowered.
  • Once the axle is clear of the car, it should be cleaned using a proprietary de-greasant such as “Pioneer” or “Gunk”.
  • The unit should then be moved to a suitable work area where the differential can be removed from the axle.
  • Since the axle and suspension assemblies constitute a cumbersome unit it is advisable to perform the removal of the differential on an area of clean floor.
  • The carrier can be removed from the casing while the unit is on the floor but it is advisable to do the remaining work on a clean bench which is equipped with a heavy-duty vice.

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