How To Test A Starter Motor Solenoid

How To Test A Starter Motor Solenoid

This guide captures ‘bygone’ advice on How to Test A Starter Motor Solenoid on a Classic Car. It is part of a series I am building on Starter Motor Problems 

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Remember folks these are ‘bygone guides’ … useful but the safety and personal protective equipment measures are reflective of bygone awareness. Stay safe.

Common Starter Motor Problems

Below is a quick diagnosis chart for most common starter motor problems. All of which will be covered in detail within Starter Motor Problems .

Common Starter Motor Problems

Testing A Starter Solenoid Switch

Three tests can be made with an ammeter and voltmeter on a starter solenoid. As shown below.

Testing a Starter Motor Solonoid Switch Test 1
When starter switch is operated the voltage shown here ( 6v or 12v depending on your battery) would indicate that the supply is OK but the solenoid windings are faulty
Testing a Starter Motor Solonoid Switch Test 2
This ammeter’reading with starter switch operated indicates that the solenoid windings are OK
Testing a Starter Motor Solonoid Switch Test 3
To check the switching contacts, connect up the voltmeter as shown. The battery voltage shown should fall to zero when the solenoid is operated for the switching contacts to be serviceable

What Next ?

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