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Classic Car Tool Guide – Spanners & Wrenches

Vintage Spanner & Wrench Guide PDF

If you are anything like me then sniffing around markets and reassembling old tool kits is your thing.

This 60 page guide provides lists and pictures of popular quality spanners and wrenches, including some socket sets available in the 50s 60s and 70s and is useful in the following ways.

  • Know which were the leading Brands at the time.
  • Know how many sizes made up a set or a range.
  • Once you assemble a full set then the value of your finds can go up by 700%
  • The information is compiled from 4 different leading merchants of the era.
  • Brands that are mentioned with information include.
  • Britool Linco BSA Lion Billings NUBO Geodore King Dick Clyburn Record Lucas Girder Brooklands James Bradbury VLC Matador GE Major Blackhawk AMMCO
Vintage Spanner & Wrench Guide
Example Wrench Page
Example Socket Set Page

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