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BROWN BROTHERS 1960s Motor Accessories Catalogue PDF

BROWN Brothers 1960s Motor Accessories PDF

This section of the 1964 Brown Brothers PDF Catalogue provides 241 pages focussed on motor accessories and supplies of the 50s and 60s. It is one of many historic guides and catalogues that I am slowly making available again for easy download.

There were many more aspects to the automotive offerings of Brown Brothers back in the 60’s yet this particular document focusses on motor accessories and is useful in the following ways:

  • Identifying NOS
  • Identifying parts you may have but are not sure what they are.
  • Collating information to support and expand your Automobilia knowledge.
  • Identifying detail to assist you with hunting down a product.
  • Or simply enjoy studying what was once available.

It contains information on the following and much more.

  • Badge Bars.
  • LUCAS Battery Identification.
  • DUCO Battery Chargers & Testers.
  • Battery Filling Tools and Supplies.
  • An extensive Catalogue of Bolts, Set Screws, Nuts, Washers and Rivets etc, useful for identifying the correct terminology for the different types.
  • DUCO Brakes Rod, Wire and Adjusters
  • SPIRE speed nuts and the different types of similar fixings
  • Popular Bolts Rivets & Fixings & Cables
  • Popular Door Handles such as DESMO SAUNDERS PENNANT & WILMOT BREEDEN
  • Extensive Ranges of products now considered Automobilia
  • LUCAS spares look up for ignition
  • SMITHS Heater ranges & JOHN BULL radiator hoses.
  • A superb section on driving parking and fog lamps including LUCAS MARCHAL RAYDOT NOTEK and more.
  • In period Automotive Clothing
  • Direction Indicators
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Bottle and Hydraulic Jacks
  • Fuel Fume Extraction and Gauges
  • Horns and Hoses
  • Jacks and Fluids
  • Windscreen Wipers Motors and Blades
  • Oil Grease Lubricant and Cooling Automobilia and Applicators
  • Wing Mirrors, Luggage Racks, Mudguard Flaps and Wings
  • Extensive Sparkplug information
  • the SMITHS gauges range.
  • and much much more.
BROWN Brothers 1960s Motor Accessories PDF
STEDALL & COMPANY 1939 Motor Accessories Catalogue
Example Page - SMITHS Gauge Range
Example Page – SMITHS Gauge Range
Example Page - Service Tools
Example Page – Classic Car Service Tools
Example Page - Original Classic LUCAS Lights
Example Page – Vintage LUCAS Lights
Example Page - LUCAS NOS Spares Look Up
Example Page – NOS Spares Identification

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A 241 Page Document

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