How To Replace A Handbrake Cable On A Morris Minor

How To Replace A Twin Cable Handbrake On A Morris Minor

This guide captures ‘bygone’ advice on how to Replace a Twin Cable Handbrake on a Morris Minor Classic Car

Yet most twin cable systems on Classic Cars are identical.

For a more detailed view of handbrake systems used on Classic Cars and how to adjust them click HERE

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Remember folks these are ‘bygone guides’ … useful but the safety and personal protective equipment measures are reflective of bygone awareness. Stay safe.


You will find below a pictorial explanation of the work involved.

It only covers the removal of one cable. Yet as you know there are two.

However the process is the same for the other.

Release From Brake Lever

Changing A Morris Minor Handbrake Cable
First you will need to undo the two nuts inside the car beside the brake lever.

Release Retaining Clamp

Changing A Morris Minor Handbrake Cable
Further back along the transmission tunnel find and release a retaining clamp fastened each side of the tunnel.

Locate Remaining Internal Bolt

Changing A Morris Minor Handbrake Cable
Situated below the seat in the corner of the fool well is another bolt which must be undone.

Locate Bolts Under The Car

Changing A Morris Minor Handbrake Cable
The other end of this bolt protrudes underneath the car adiacent to the drive shaft.

Remove Retaining Bolt

Changing A Morris Minor Handbrake Cable
You will probably need help but with the nut removed the bolt can then be pulled through.

Remove Nut From Wheel Back Plate

Changing A Morris Minor Handbrake Cable
There Is a nut which holds the cable to the wheel back plate. This should be removed.

Remove The Cable Holding Pin

Changing A Morris Minor Handbrake Cable
Take out the cable holding pin which will enable you to remove the fitment.

Remove The Cable

Changing A Morris Minor Handbrake Cable
The reverse procedure should be followed to fit the new cable which should greased with a suitable gun.

Reverse Procedure To Refit

Fitting new is simply a reverse of the above procedure.

Once you have fitted the new cables then you may like to follow this link for adjusting the cable correctly.

You may need to search the post as it covers the adjustment of several types of handbrake.


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