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What Was The Early History Of Vauxhall Cars

What Was The Early History Of Vauxhall Cars

The Earliest History of Vauxhall that I have ever come across can be found in The Story Of Vauxhall 1857 to 1946 .

There is no publication date in this extremely rare document yet I would assume it would have been around 1946.

The book opens with a build up starting in 1857 followed by the first ever Vauxhall produced in 1903. A 5HP chain driven affair. Of interest the Jabberwock was the first ever petrol engine made by Vauxhall Iron Works.

Yet there is much more to this 52 Page book with fascinating facts relating to factories and all the data you need to know what was built and when in those very early days.

Below are some sample pages.

The Early History Of Vauxhall Cars
The Early History Of Vauxhall Cars

Vauxhall History 1857 To 1946
Vauxhall History 1857 to 1946

A superb pictorial walk through the lanes of Vauxhall History with a very personalised record of events.

By No Means The Earliest Vauxhall Car
By No Means The Earliest Vauxhall Car – Recognise That Hill ?

Whilst I selected these images based on personal choice there are many relating to circumstances such as The Factory Fire and William Churchills interactions along with tables of data towards the end.

Slowly The Book Works Its Way Through to Sport and Family Cars telling the story along the way.
Slowly The Book Works It’s Way Through To Sport And Family Cars. Telling The Interesting Vauxhall Story Along The Way.

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