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The Ulster Aston Martin Revisited

I guess the closest I have ever come to taking a ride in an Ulster Aston Martin was as an 18 year old when my good friend Eddie Gibbs took me out in his 1932 Frazer Nash. White scarfs and wind cheating coat hangers fitted.

I also have fond memories of trawling farm yards in East Anglia with Eddie trying to locate a tractor with the equivalent Nash block in it.

We didn’t find one yet it was great fun as we hired an XR2i for the day and many will tell you Eddie is no stranger to the podium at many major circuits.

Trawling through my cuttings etc I found this very interesting account of the Ulster Aston Martin which I have now digitalised to preserve it for future generations.

Ulster Aston Martin
Ulster Aston Martin As Considered By Autocar In 1947

” A Piece Of Machinery “

A piece of machinery is how H S Linfield Esq summarises his review. I say review yet this is more of a measure as to how the Ulster was standing the test of time.

This particular Ulster he had seen before but at that time it was siting in the Bond Street Showroom of The Brooklands Motor Company.

Ahhh….. another memory enters my head. I recall my father, a notable aviation engineer, dragging me straight from school in Cobham to Brooklands for an Apprenticeship Interview.

I Am Guessing That This Is H S Linfield In The BWB 887 Ulster Aston Martin
I Am Guessing That This Is H S Linfield In The BWB 887 Ulster Aston Martin

3 … 2 … 1 … Take Off

Well those were the words that entered my head when I took a close look at the cockpit. Maybe that’s why Eddie ended up a pilot ? Sorry I am digressing again.

“Meant To Be Used” and “Keeping Up The Revs” are two of the section headings in this very old document.

They alone give you an indication that this is a worthwhile read. A chance to read, close your eyes and imagine.

The Ulster Aston Martin Cockpit.
The Ulster Aston Martin Cockpit … Is That The Correct Term ? … Feels Entirely Befitting To Me

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