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What Was Special About The Rover Ten Twelve Fourteen Saloons

What Was Special About The Rover Ten Twelve Fourteen Saloons

” A long journey in a Rover is not an effort but an interesting excursion, and which by virtue of refinement is likely to be completed in a shorter space of time than might have been expected. “

The above is one of the opening conclusive statements within this historic Autocar 1947 appraisal of the Rover Range available in 1947.

Sadly there is no Writer identified whom I can credit for this articulation of the engineering and refinement qualities of these very popular cars.

Please find below a small insight.

An Overview Of Classic Rovers In The Forties
An Overview Of Classic Rovers In The Forties

The Original Rover Standard Tool Kit

One of the fascinations I have with such documents is the rare glimpse you sometimes get of what was the original tool arrangement.

The Original Rover Tool Kit
The Original Rover ‘Wheel Changing’ Tool Kit Can Just About Be Seen In This Picture.

The Rover Electrical Oil Level Gauge

Was this the first Rover to have an Electrical Oil Level Gauge ? I don’t know, but it certainly attracted the writers attention.

The Rover 6 Cylinder Engine
The Rover 6 Cylinder Engine

This is just a small selection of the interesting facts that can be found within this superb old document.

It is a fascinating read describing the considered advancements at the time, along with range specification data and exceptionally detailed cut away drawings by R C Poulton.

You can download a copy of this very rare and interesting read on PDF

A 4 Page Colour Document

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