Hello and Welcome to SCOTTYS Retro Workshop. I originally started this website to fund FREE Practical Skills Classes for children by selling British Classic Car Parts.

I even built a school ready, recognised by BBC Kent as an Unsung Hero, but that is another story.

However to get the support of the Classic Car Community I soon realised that I needed to assist suppliers not compete with them. So I stopped selling Classic Car Parts.

Today, as a hobby, I am seeking to build an enthusiast driven database of useful Suppliers & Artisans, as well as share my passion for the bygone days of British Automotive History, other Engineering Oddities and the ‘I can fix it’ culture.

My vision:

eCommerce Advertising

Could Fund The Zero Cost Apprenticeship ?

Classic Car Parts

Below you can read about all the different content that can be found on this site.

Which is presently on track for over 100,000 Visitors a year.

SCOTTYS Supplier Library

My Supplier Library aims to promote hard to find suppliers of classic car parts. You will find all the contact details you need plus links to their eBay shops including a live feed of their latest products.

If you make an eBay purchase then eBay pay me a tiny fee which helps fund the site build costs.

SCOTTYS Artisan Library

My Artisan Library aims to promote hard to find micro businesses.

Providing them with a greater chance of being found on search engines. In most cases these tiny micro businesses have been recommended to me. Providing the lowest cost far reaching advertising around.

CREDIT: ES Products & Design

SCOTTYS Document & Ephemera Library

My Historic Documents Library focusses on hard to find Technical Manuals and Guides. As well as Interesting Ephemera relating to British Automotive, Manufacturing, Science and Related Oddities.

A means of digitising fast disappearing documents and advertisements for future generations to enjoy. You can download these documents to print and frame, also supporting this project.

The Healey Silverstone In 1949
The Healey Silverstone As Advertised 1949


My DIY Guides are a growing series of bygone help and advice in maintaining or repairing your Classic or Retro car.

Something I hope will help future generations and invoke interest and confidence, rebuilding the ‘fix it’ culture.

How To Fix A Mechanical Fuel Pump On A Classic Car

Best Regards SCOTTY

If anyone can give me a job.

In the Automotive Classic Car World

Then it’s likely I will bite your hand off 🙂


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