The GIVE FREE #PracticalSkills4Kids INITIATIVE

Hi, I’m SCOTTY as most people call me.

I believe the Strength , Skills and Unity of the Classic & Retro Car Enthusiast World can help children and young adults who are struggling in life find confidence and refocus. By providing FREE opportunity for young car fans to learn skills and encourage age generations to interact in a fun extra curricular environment.

Scotty’s Retro Workshop is a Social Enterprise selling Classic & Retro Car Parts supported by Enthusiasts, Product Suppliers and Artisans.

A fantastic new Business Model designed to provide a solution to the lack of opportunity for young people to learn practical skills.

The idea evolved after hearing Car Fans , Mums and Dads expressing concern that Children no longer have the opportunity to learn practical skills.

The challenge was how do we provide such facilities and training FREE of charge. I am happy to say that due to supplier and customer loyalty it is working, our first Workshop has been built.

You can help in many ways, simply Liking our Facebook Page or starting your eBay shop from the links on our site is like a donation to us and helps us demonstrate the strength of support for this initiative. Thank you.

Our Objectives

  1. To engage young minds in science, technology and engineering in a fun environment, in keeping with the Government Backed STEM Initiative
  2. To give young people something to do instead of walking the streets or becoming overly dependent on computer based activities that lead to isolation. In keeping with recently set Central Government Objectives
  3. To encourage interaction, participation, confidence, responsibility and a feeling of belonging. Not to mention exposure to entrepreneurialism.
  4. To focus our attentions on deprived children and children who are venturing into wrong doing.
  5. To enable community Generation Interaction and the sharing / ‘pass down’ of Artisan skills and knowledge. Mixing age Generations and tackling Isolation and Loneliness in support of The Central Government Building Connections Initiative
  6. To reduce local car crime.
  7. To remain financially stable, reward enabling investors and provide a new Socially Good eCommerce arena.

Our Goals

  1. To deliver Community Workshops where Young People can learn Practical Skills as an extra curricular activity.
  2. To provide these facilities and services FREE of charge thus enabling deprived Children Equal Opportunity.
  3. To achieve sufficient success and Fund Apprenticeships at The Heritage Skills Academy.

Our Plan

SUPPLIERS sell Classic Car Parts here in support of a great cause by granting us Reseller Agreements.

ENTHUSIASTS buy parts here knowing it helps a good cause and they are paying no more.

ARTISANS can advertise their services free because we are a community and they help teach.

YOUNG PEOPLE benefit as we use revenue made to help finance Workshops & Training

Supplier and eCommerce Agreements enable a small profit which is used to help Teach Children Practical Skills in Scotty’s Retro Workshops. Enthusiasts pay no more than if they decided to purchase directly or via eBay Amazon etc. It is a WIN / WIN Model, good for suppliers and enthusiasts whilst delivering great Social Value. This is Corporate & Social Responsibility in Action. We have built our first Training Workshop thanks to your support. After going through Health, Safety & Safeguarding Due Diligence Processes our class have started. Young Sophie aged 11 can now jack a car up safely, prop it up, check tyre pressures refit wheels and torque to the correct settings !!