Scottys’ Basic Car Maintenance Course

£120.00 Incl VAT


Includes for 4 People – Full Description Below.

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A Community Workshop

Basic Car Maintenance

Scottys’ Retro Workshop was initially a Workshop I built to accommodate my Hobby and to create an opportunity for Children to learn some basic Automotive Practical Skills free of charge. Also a place where Generations can interact, tackling loneliness and helping in the pass down of Artisan Skills.

To help pay for the above and by Popular demand I now provide a Basic Car Maintenance Course for Adults’

Want to learn some Basic Car Maintenance ?, we can use your cars or one of mine. How to safely change a flat tyre ? How do you know if your tyres need pumping up and how to do it ? How can you tell if your tyres need replacing soon. Do you always have to replace your battery if it is dead. What to think about when winter comes. How to get your anti-freeze right. How to top your oil up and what oil to use. What is a torque wrench and how to use it. How can you tell if your shock absorbers have gone? How to change a bulb ? Depending on who is coming we can tweak the schedule. For example if you have some skills already then we can run through how to check your wheel bearings, how to check your brake discs or how to do the tracking on a classic car without taking it to the garage etc.

The cost is for 4 people for a 3 hour session of Basic Car Maintenance is £120.00

(¬£30.00 each…. less than the fine for a bald tyre)