Scottys’ Basic Plastering Skills Course

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A Community Workshop

Scottys’ Retro Workshop was initially a Workshop I built to accommodate my Hobby and to create an opportunity for Children to learn some basic Automotive Practical Skills free of charge. Also a place where Generations can interact, tackling loneliness and helping in the pass down of Artisan Skills.

To help pay for the above and by Popular demand I now provide a Basic Plumbing Skills Course for Adults’

Fancy learning some plastering skills. This is the one to buy as a gift for your enemies ! How to tack plasterboard up ? The different types ? Lets put a big hole in it like the one your son accidentally did. How do we fix that without shoving newspaper in the hole ? Once we have repaired it we will plaster the wall. Whilst it dries, ready for the polishing stages, we will run through why it shouldn’t be hard work sanding down filler by hand. What to think about if your plastering on an existing wall. Why you are wasting your money buying a trowel from a DIY Store. What about those wobbly walls where the plaster is hairy and there appears to be strips of wood in it !

The cost for 4 people and the materials required for a half day of Plastering Fun is £200.00

(¬£50.00 each …so even if you learn enough to plaster one wall you will be quids in)