A Community Workshop

Workshop Days

Scottys’ Retro Workshop is a Workshop I built to create an opportunity for Children to learn some basic Automotive Practical Skills free of charge. To give children confidence and perhaps a different outlook on life. Also a place where Generations can interact, tackling loneliness and helping in the pass down of Artisan Skills.

My Business selling New & Used British Classic Car Parts helps me finance this fun. The New Parts I sell are provided to me at discounted prices by Major Brand Suppliers who see the Social Benefit of my Objective.

Today it is The Worlds 1st Classic Car Industry Certified Social Enterprise.

We have a group of Young Fans Registered and slowly we are getting to the point where we can begin these fun days. We have now completed the Enhanced DBS Process. To help give our Objective viability we now offer a wide range of Workshop Experiences and Facilities.

My FREE Workshop Days are designed to give children an opportunity to learn basic automotive practical skills. Through the Winter we run two groups and progressively we dismantle a car together and learn how it works as we go. In the summer and during holidays I ramp this up with additional days and other Practical Skills. I am presently fully booked for this winter but if you click HERE you can register your interest and I will keep you posted as more opportunities arise or if someone drops out.