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Proven Advertising. We track purchases made by site visitors for 24 hours. In that short window of time we can see that over £250,000 of parts have been purchased so far. Our Service Artisans also call regularly to say ‘thanks’ after a customer rocks up or makes contact.

Lifetime Listing – Now Only £50

Time Limited Offer – Be Quick

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Artwork Included No Hidden Costs

SCOTTY knows how busy you are. He will do all the leg work.

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If you already have a page then you need only fill in Name & Company Name. Yet if you provide further details SCOTTY will review your Page and make any enhancements he can.

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You will only be charged for the LIFETIME PAGE Today but we will start building your Prominent Position request. You can read about our Prominent Position options in the FAQ below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats Included

  • Creation of your Dedicated Profile Page.
  • Your own website imaged and link in.
  • Live feed of your eBay Shop Products ( your choice )
  • A Front Page Presence on SCOTTYS power slider for 1 month or more.
  • Links to your Twitter & Facebook spaces if required.
  • Social Media Shout Outs to announce ‘Your In’.
  • Shop Menu short cuts ( eBay or your own shop )
  • The Opportunity to Promote Special Offers / Share Your News etc.

How Long Will My Listing Last

  • Indefinitely is the short answer but there are a few considerations.
  • Technology changes frequently and sometimes your page may need updating.
  • During the first year any necessary page changes will be done automatically and without cost.
  • If changes become necessary in the second or subsequent years SCOTTY will contact you.
  • Presently this can sometimes lead to a £25.00 charge. Simply because SCOTTY can be faced with hundreds of pages to update when technology changes.
  • If required SCOTTY will contact you first so you can consider. He will never commit you to cost.
  • On the plus side such changes result in a ‘republish’ of your page and GOOGLE loves that.

Can I Run Special Offers and Promotions

  • Oh yes and SCOTTY makes it so simple.
  • Just txt him or fill out a Contact Form and explain.
  • He will add the The Special Offer to your site (remember to include an expiry date though)
  • Remember all Artwork is FREE.
  • The cost of a Special Promotion is £30.00
  • Which includes Social Media shout outs.
  • He will send you a link to Pay and Download your receipt.

How Do I Stay On The Front Page

  • If you want a Prominent Position and to stay on the front page there is a way.
  • There are effectively three front page side bars.
  • 1 for SCOTTYS Home Page.
  • 1 for SCOTTYS Artisans Library and all subsequent sections.
  • 1 for SCOTTYS Supplier Library and all subsequent sections.
  • The Home Page Prominent Position Costs £150 a year.
  • The others cost £75 for a year.
  • Again just txt SCOTTY or fill out a Contact Form and explain.
  • You may want your logo and a few words or your Special Offer added ?
  • Remember all Artwork is FREE.
  • SCOTTY will send you a link to Pay and Download your receipt.

Is This A Subscription

  • Nope
  • Your Initial Entry is for the life of this site.
  • Special Promotions last for as long as you want them to.
  • However Prominent Position requests have a 1 year life.

How Long Until My Page Is Up and Running

  • Usually 3 to 7 days.
  • GOOGLE can take a few more days to catch up.
  • Yet being in the Directory is far more powerful than Google for being found by enthusiasts.

Anymore Questions ? Just Contact SCOTTY