A Community Workshop

Workshop Fun

To help with financing the Free Practical Skills activities for Children I also run Fun Workshops for Adults covering a variety of useful Practical Skills. Grab three of your friends (or your worst enemies) and book them in for half a day of Basic Car Maintenance , Plumbing, Electrical Safety or for a real giggle book them in for learning how to plaster a wall.

Basic Car Maintenance

How to safely change a flat tyre? How do you know if your tyres need pumping up or replacing? How to change a Wheel? How to change a Battery and when you shouldn’t ? What to think about when winter comes? How to get your anti-freeze right? How to top your oil up and what oil to use? What is a torque wrench and how to use it? How can you tell if your shock absorbers have gone? How to change a bulb? Depending on who is coming we can tweak the schedule. For example if you have some skills already then we can run through how to check your wheel bearings, how to check your brake discs or how to do the tracking on a classic car without taking it to the garage etc.

A 3 hour 4 people session of Basic Car Maintenance is £120.00 (£30.00 each…. less than the fine for a bald tyre)

Plumbing Skills

Fancy learning some basic plumbing skills. What to do if you suddenly have a leak in your home? How to drain your system down safely ? How to solder a pipe connection? Easier ways of joining pipework? What to think about if you are fitting an outside tap and how to comply with the Water Byelaws? What do valves look like? How do you Connect a Washing Machine? What is a Trap? Are tap washers easy to change do all taps have tap washers? How to freeze a pipe if you have no means of isolating it? Starting with some basics but definitely getting you to solder a pipe joint we can cram a lot of the above into a morning session. If you want to learn more we can set another day and explore the subject further.  I have Degree Level Qualifications in Building Services, I have passed the Water Byelaws Exam, and an Unvented Systems Qualification, I also once maintained an OFTEC Oil Boiler License so you are in safe hands learning the above basics. What is a Registered GAS / Heating Engineer and why you should use them.

The cost for 4 people and the materials required for a half day of basic Plumbing Fun is £180.00

(£45.00 each… so even if you learn enough to fix one plumbing problem you have probably saved yourself more )

Plastering Skills

Fancy learning some plastering skills. This is the one to buy as a gift for your enemies ! How to tack plasterboard up ? The different types ? Lets put a big hole in it like the one your son accidentally did. How do we fix that without shoving newspaper in the hole ? Once we have repaired it we will plaster the wall. Whilst it dries, ready for the polishing stages, we will run through why it shouldn’t be hard work sanding down filler by hand. What to think about if your plastering on an existing wall. Why you are wasting your money buying a trowel from a DIY Store. What about those wobbly walls where the plaster is hairy and there appears to be strips of wood in it !

The cost for 4 people and the materials required for a half day of Plastering Fun is £200.00

(£50.00 each …so even if you learn enough to plaster one wall you will be quids in)

Electrical Safety

What are you allowed to do these days ? What are you not allowed to do ? A quick run down of the law and why I would encourage you NOT to undertake some of the tasks you are actually permitted to do. How to change a plug, how to change a socket. Learning about a typical consumer unit. What are all those switches ? Why do you get nuisance tripping ? How to narrow the problem down and get the rest of your house back on until the electrician arrives. How you can sometimes solve the problem yourself without picking up a screw driver. What is an RCD ? Why it could save your life and why you should use one outside if your house does not have them. Can you fit an extra socket and wire it ? If you turn a switch off is it then safe to change a broken socket ? I would like to stress that I am a Qualified Electrician and only recently de-registered. I also hold a Qualification that permits me to test the work of others. What is the difference between a Registered Electrician and an Unregistered Electrician. Why it may feel Electrcians are always trying to make the job bigger than it is where as in actual fact they are complying with tough new laws and only looking out for the safety of you and your family.

The cost for 4 people for a 3 hour session of Practical Electrical Safety is £120.00

(£30.00 each… worth it if you can get some of your electrics back on until an electrician can come)